Explore Haines "On Your Own"

This tour is specifically designed for cruise guests who want to avoid the crowded streets of Skagway or who don't want to be on a structured tour but would rather be on their own to explore the beautiful town of Haines 


You will be greeted by one of our staff at your cruise ship dock in Skagway, they will then escort you to the Haines-Skagway fast ferry, your ferry ride will take approximately 45 minutes; depending on weather conditions, tides and vessel traffic in and out of the harbors. The Haines-Skagway Fast Ferry traverses the Taiya Inlet of the Lynn Canal, the longest and deepest fjord of North America. Three major waterfalls are viewable from the vessel: Long Falls, Twin Falls and Sawmill Falls. 

Once you arrive in Haines you will be greeted by your driver, who will give you a brief narrated tour of the City of Haines and the Fort Seward area, at that time the guide will show you the various pickup and drop off points throughout the quaint town of Haines. We will provide you with a discount booklet for various shops, carving, restaurants and taverns. You have the option to include/exclude the Alaska Bald Eagle Foundation & Raptor Center visit. We highly recommend it! 

You will have the opportunity to visit our local Haines Brewing Company and the Port Chilkoot Distillery where you will enjoy some of the rich history of Haines.

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Tour pricing: 

All tour pricing does not include the Haines-Skagway fast ferry, 

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                            Includes Raptor Center                                Excludes Raptor Center

                            $125.00 Adult                                               $112.00 Adult

                            $100.00 Child                                               $87.00 Child


Haines-Skagway Fast Ferry

The Skagway-Haines Fast Ferry is a 45 minute ride through the Tayina Inlet of the Lynn Canal.

Chilkat River Adventures
Haines, Alaska

Haines Alaska is in the northern part of the Alaska Panhandle, near the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

Fort Seward
Fort Seward Homes
Sea Wolf Gallery

Most unusual of the local artists galleries is The Sea Wolf Gallery at Totem Village in the Parade Field, where hometown local artist, Tresham Gregg has his summertime carving studio.

Soldiers lining up in Fort Seward

From 1925 to 1940, Fort William H. Seward was the only active Army post in Alaska. During World War I the fort served as a training center for Alaska draftees, and during World War II the fort served as a recruitment station, rest stop, and training center for troops involved in the Aleutian Campaign and the war effort throughout the territory.

Fort Seward Barracks 1902

Fort William H. Seward, also known as Chilkoot Barracks and Haines Mission, is a site at Port Chilkoot in Haines

Haines Visitor Center

Haines boasts year round fun for the entire family, located along the edge of North America's longest and deepest fjord, just 68 nautical miles north of Juneau in Southeast Alaska.

Haines, Alaska

The Haines area was originally settled by Native Alaskans of the Tlingit culture who traveled along the Northeast Coast upwards behind the receding glaciers or came down the mountain valleys from the interior.

American Bald Eagle Foundation

The mission of the American Bald Eagle Foundation is the conservation of the bald eagle and its habitat through education and stewardship.

Alaska Bald Eagle Foundation
Port Chilkoot Distillery

The Port Chilkoot Distillery is located in the old Fort Seward bakery house where the stainless steel fermentation tanks and copper stills produce Gin, Bourbon, Vodka.

Port Chikoot Gin
Pilot House Bakery
Haines Brewing Company

The Haines Brewing Company provides fresh seasonal and flagship brews that are on tap, and during the right season they also offer vintage ales to savor in snifter glasses.

Malt, Stout and Ale Beers
Fireweed Restaurant