About – Chilkat River Adventures

Mission & History

It is the mission of Chilkat River Adventures, Inc. to serve our guests with the best,  Alaskan Wilderness Experience, that we possibly can.  We will train our staff to always think of safety first while being courteous, friendly, helpful and informative to our guests while showing them the true wilderness that they expect to see.  We will strive to perform at the travel industries highest standards and either meet or exceed those standards at all times. Read More.

Boat Design & Motors

boat-in-sheep-canyon-lake-2Our boats are specially designed and built specifically for traversing shallow water.  The Chilkat River is glacial fed and has a great deal of silt moving in it in the summer months.  This is created from the warm weather causing the glaciers to melt that feed the Chilkat River.  Duck Hess designed the boats based on his experience and knowledge of this particular river system. Read More.